TTC After Loss – Summer Short Course – 4th August with Alison Hall


AUGUST 4th - AUGUST 18th - TTC course with Nutritionist Alison Hall

Join nutritionist Alison Hall for a wholesome and nurturing TTC course.

Alison has years of experience with using nutrition and lifestyle factors to help couples achieve a happy, healthy pregnancy and she is going to share all that knowledge and passion with you too! There's a webinar with opportunity for Q+A with Alison, plus she's created tonnes of resources that will be winging their way to you via email too. 

This course is for you if you're anxious about trying again after loss and feel like you need to take back some control of the situation by focussing on some achievable tasks that will make you feel good!

We’ve teamed up with Alison Hall to offer a comprehensive guide of how small and incremental changes can have a really positive impact on your fertility, overall health and mood alike. Alison will bring the science, the practical tips and recipe suggestions to help get your mind and body ready to TTC again after loss. 

We will be covering general trying to conceive support such as lifestyle and mindset, as well as delving into a WHOLE LOAD of more general TTC stuff - to get you in the best possible space emotionally and physically to conceive. We'll provide advice and support with boundaries, relationships, friendships and those debilitating ugly feelings, plus so much more.

It’s an intimate course and we're capping the numbers, so you’ll have a huge opportunity for connection with weekly online zoom meetings and a private whats app group with others on the course, to give and receive support. 

Live drop in dates are as follows: 

Tuesday 6th August 8 - 9 pm

Wednesday 14th August 8 - 9 pm

The scheduled webinar with Alison Hall will be;

Thursday 8th August 8 - 9 pm

As well as all this, you’ll receive daily emails from us (Bex & Laura) with links, hints, tricks and tips to help support you where you’re at now. We're squeezing as much into these two weeks as possible, making it a shorter course than usual and because of that we're bringing down the price especially for these TTC summer short courses! You can get all the love, information, support, connection and guidance for just £70!


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