Welcome to The Worst Girl Gang Ever – a support platform and podcast for miscarriage and baby loss.


Firstly, we are so, so sorry that you find yourself here. It really is the gang that you’d never choose to be part of, but as you’ll soon find out that it is also a gang chokka-block full of kind, supportive, warrior women, just like you.

We’re Bex & Laura, the ones leading everyone into battle…

We are just two passionate idiots, brought together by baby loss and a common desire to help others. Having been through miscarriage and pregnancy loss ourselves, we know how devastating the experience is, and how isolated and lonely it can make you feel.

We have a membership, a podcast and a book – so whatever you need to support you through this time…

we get you and we’ve got you.


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The Worst Girl Gang Ever: Our guide to recovery after miscarriage and baby loss

A practical and emotional self-help guide for anyone affected by miscarriage and pregnancy loss, from the co-hosts of the successful podcast, The Worst Girl Gang Ever, and experts in mindfulness, grief, therapy and relationships.

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The Podcast

Join us in your ears for a dose of positivity, camaraderie and chat.

Join the community.

The Worst Girl Gang Ever membership comes with courses to help you navigate life following baby loss. From getting through day-to-day life to getting your spark back or from making the decision to start trying to conceive again to pregnancy after loss and the anxieties that come with it.

All our courses and our membership area have been carefully put together using our own personal experiences and what we’d have both wanted at each juncture of our journey, coupled with expert knowledge and guidance, and of course YOU, our TWGGE members, have helped us along the way with ideas for resources and content to include.

We are so proud of this community and so pleased to be able to offer this support.

Here you can meet other members of the gang, talk about your own experiences and receive support, or do what you can to help others. Both are proven ways to manage loss.


Grateful for all the support

I’m so sad we’re all here, but so grateful for a place where the ugly feelings are understood. Just so comforting to know I am not alone in this horrid experience.